We design and implement automation solutions that provide responsive and consistent customer experience with streamlined processes integrating front and back office to take your business to the next level.

Transformational DNA


Strategic Advice

Our approach to digital strategy helps organisations respond to a dynamic marketplace that demands a seamless customer experience underpinned by streamlined front and  back office operations. We help companies identify digital solutions to enhance customer experience, reduce cost to serve, drive compliance and enable transition of staff to higher value activities.

Operating Model


Companies risk limiting their business outcomes by taking a technologist only view. There is more to transformation than just deploying the technology. BTP helps companies take a 360 degree view taking into account all aspects of the target operating model – People, Process Technology and Organisation – to drive effective change. 




Innovation is critical in a dynamic and complex marketplace. Companies are experts in their business; BTP are experts in process automation and transformation through technology. Together, we can collaborate to transcend traditional boundaries to develop an innovation pipeline that will turbo charge the outcomes for your enterprise.

Customer Experience


Customer Experience is key to customer capture, retention and the ultimate profitability for a business. We help companies implement automation technologies that provide responsive and consistent service delivery,  with streamlined process and integrated front and back of house operations. From customer journey mapping to business process.


Business Process


We work with you to align your business processes with your goals. We help companies to understand how technologies can be applied to create new business models, resulting in streamlined end-to end customer processes underpinning service delivery and supply chain management.

Automation Technology


Harnessing new and emerging technologies provides competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world. Our automation technology solutions are comprehensive and cover Robotics Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning , Business Process Management /Workflow, Business Rules Engines, Capture, Content, Case Management, Analytics and Cloud.


Data Analytics


Insights are key to strategic advantage, customer service, compliance and service quality. ML, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics are all tools that  enable data driven insights to both set a strategic course and identify key triggers requiring review and intervention.  BTP helps companies to adopt these tools to create new models for growth and efficiency.

Managed Support


BTP partners with our customers to manage your automation technology investment. We support your business while identifying opportunities for enhancement and efficiency across the transformation journey. Support services are tailored to your required response time and forecast need under a flexible monthly subscription for break-fix and proactive monitoring and enhancements.

Abstract Architecture

Our Business Automation Toolkit

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


RPA enables a digital workforce to handle the routine “robotic” tasks performed by humans allowing humans to be redeployed to higher value and strategic activities. Despite the name, the focus is on individual tasks, rather than end-to-end processes. Nevertheless RPA is a key ingredient to enabling a more productive and engaged workforce, saving time, money, removing errors and improving quality.

Process Automation & Workflow


Process  Automation  platforms provide the orchestration layer linking human centric tasks across the end-to-end process lifecycle and systems. Whether it be process exceptions or tasks, Process Automation platforms are the enabler for any streamlined operations. They provide end-to-end views of process health and performance as well as the  scaffolding for other complementary technologies like AI and Machine Learning.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)


IDP alleviates the low value manual functions of transposing data from document source (e.g. invoice, or complaint) to target system (e.g. ERP), allowing teams to contribute in higher value areas. The IDP capability is underpinned by the capture, classification and extraction of data from documents. AI technologies can further process information – for example Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used to interpret the  meaning and inference of the contents.  

Artificial Intelligence
(AI) & Machine Learning (ML)


AI allows software to perform tasks that require intelligence. Capabilities such as machine learning, deep learning and rules can be used within a narrow task to aid IDP applications and provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve experience without being deeply programmed. Example applications include predictive capabilities to enable  next best action recommendations, or conversational intelligence.

Application Integration


Application Integration is fundamental to the connectivity between systems and enables the high speed passing of data or control between systems via APIs to deliver streamlined data exchange.

Chat Bots

Chatbots offer improvements to customer service, lead gen and costs savings. They simulate a conversation or interaction with a real person. Think of first line triage for a call centre enquiry, routing customers to online resources, an online form or to a call centre agent once qualified.

Voice to Text

Voice-to text technology transcribes audio content into digital words format in a word processor, it provides endless application in modern communications and digital platforms. When augmented with ML and NLP, voice to text offers extended applications spanning compliance, customer sentiment and  fraud detection.



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