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Robotic Process Automation Practice

BTP’s RPA Practice brings together our background in process improvement and reengineering and our consultant’s real-world process automation experience to deliver the process DNA that your organisation needs to successfully implement this emerging technology.

As an IBM Partner we can also help your organisation navigate to the next generation of process automation by combining IBM Watson's (artificial intelligence) cutting-edge capabilities of cognitive with the practical, powerful abilities of RPA.

While RPA is sold as being easy to configure and requiring little IT expertise to deploy, as with any software there are hidden pitfalls with this technology which are often exposed during the planning and implementation stage.

BTP consultants are experienced in digital process transformation and, with our Process DNA, bring a wealth of real-life lessons learnt to all stages of your RPA project. 

Our ability to provide a pragmatic approach in terms of where to apply RPA, combined with the real-world experience and Process DNA embodied in our consultants, will help your project deliver the required ROI.

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