BTP - Delivering Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is pushing businesses to look beyond operational efficiency and to start to consider how internal processes support and enhance the Customer Experience. Increasing competition, the need to retain customers, and the amplification of individual customer experiences provided by social media demands a new, more holistic approach to BPM that is both inward and outward looking. The traditional drive for operation cost reduction now needs to be balanced with the need to support the individual consumer as they travel from prospect to long-term customer. Post-sales activities need to be targeted and support next-best-offer, and to provide feedback mechanisms so the customer experience can be continually improved, to allow the identification and elimination of waste and risk. More than ever customers can provide near real-time feedback on what does and doesn’t work when dealing with a business, and organisations need to develop a culture which embraces and incorporates that feedback as process improvement. Processes themselves should be designed to capture individual customer behaviour whenever they interact with the business and allow management to predictively manage and maximise the individual customer’s experience based on that data. BPM’s role in Digital Transformation is to simultaneously map Customer Journey and process efficiency, and design a single process architecture which maximises value for both the business and the end customer. While BTP has been helping clients meet the challenges of Digital Transformation for a number of years via BPM consulting and industry solutions, we’ve recently decided to reposition our brand to better communicate that to the market place. As we roll out our rebranding you’ll notice that our new logo features two coloured arrowheads which point to the North East, for it’s the North East of any graph or chart where innovation, full functionality, best value and the like are positioned. It’s the best position to be in when the likes of Gartner or Forrester compare solutions and that’s what BTP seeks to deliver – the place where innovation and digital enablement meet to provide maximum business benefit and superior customer experience. Our new tagline gets straight to the point: BTP - Delivering Digital Transformation. A new elevator pitch expands on that promise: BTP provides BPM consulting and solutions which transform traditional business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the business improvement opportunities enabled by digital technologies. That’s the essence of BTP, and as many of you will know, rebranding presents an opportunity to reassess and refocus on what’s important for our clients’ businesses and our own business. We hope you can join us on the journey to the North East.

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