Make 2022 the Year you Digitalise Your Finance Function

Of all the business functions that stand to benefit from the digitisation process, finance is first in line. As finance chiefs, we have to be capable of quickly adapting to changing circumstances, making decisions with multiple timeframes and improving efficiency. But many of us are hobbled by legacy systems that make our jobs more difficult. These challenges are why finance leaders are making digitisation a focus in 2022. Outdated technology and unreliable data processes are major obstacles to improving performance, discovering business opportunities and remaining competitive. But digitisation isn’t just about technology adoption – it also requires companies to make cultural and organisational changes to ensure the right people are in the right places. It falls to CFOs to bring stakeholders together around a data-driven growth agenda. That will help the company scale in an agile and sustainable way. Click here to read the complete article at CFO Dive.

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