5 Trends CFOs Should Know About in 2022

CFOs today play a critical role in their organisation as strategic advisors in addition to overseeing the numbers — these leaders need to be data-driven and embrace strategies and technology that allow for more visibility across the organisation and produce faster data for better decision making.

To keep up with these new expectations to provide relevant data and insights in a timely manner, CFOs need to keep on top of relevant trends and prioritise digital transformation projects.

According to CFO Dive, the five trends CFO should know about in 2022 are:

1. Accelerate Cloud Adoption Across F&A

2. Enable Better Decision-Making with Real-Time Data

3. Increase in Adoption of Advanced Technologies

4. Hire, Retain and Develop Digital Skills in Finance

5. Support the Enterprise with Digitisation Initiatives

Click here to read the full article at CFO Dive.

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