How AI will Change Your Workplace - and why you should you care

In the coming decade, your workplace will be datafied and digitalised. AI will augment your jobs, the Internet of Things will provide you with details insights and robotics will replace many jobs.

Datafying your work starts by making your office, your workplace, your processes and your products smart. This will make previously ‘invisible’ processes traceable so that they can be monitored, analysed and optimised. Thanks to the lowering costs of sensors, increasing low-cost bandwidth, cheap availability of cloud-computing and processing capacity as well as numerous of connected devices it has become easier and cheaper to make these processes smart and help you capture data consistently and universally across different processes, products and workplaces. Datafication and digitalisation are the catalysts for the future of work.

As such, without data, there is no future of work. There are three concepts that define the future of work: data, decentralisation and automation. Together, these technologies will fundamentally change your workplace.

Read the full article at Data Driven Investor here.

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