Is your 2022 Automation Agenda Ambitious Enough?

Chances are, you’ve already pulled together your plan and set your goals for your 2022 automation initiatives. But are you sure you’ve been complete enough? Strategic enough? Long-term enough?

Given the number of opportunities you have right in front of you—and the growing demand for automations coming from all over your enterprise—it’s all too easy to concentrate on simply getting all that work completed. But a narrow focus on these short-term “to-do’s” runs the risk of omitting some big-picture initiatives that are foundational to building an enterprise-wide, strategic automation capability.

So, before the year gets any older, let’s take a look at some of the things you might want to consider adding to your automation agenda in 2022.

Get ready to respond to an “automation mandate” from your board and CEO.

As this customer, a chief information officer (CIO) of a major public company, explained it: "Board members saw, both from us and from other organisations that they’re involved with, the amazing results that automation delivered throughout the pandemic. They saw how it enabled fast, effective response to address crises and disruptions, higher customer satisfaction, particularly with online interactions, big cost savings, and capacity augmentation without adding people. Now, they’re asking us to develop and implement a plan to turn automation into a core competency across the entire enterprise. They want us to use it as a strategic weapon to gain long-term competitive advantage." Just imagine if you were to receive an automation mandate like this one. What would you need to do? What issues would you need to resolve as you move forward? Click here to read the full article by our partner, UiPath.

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