Transforming your Business Using Process Mining and Workflow Visualisations

Driving process efficiencies and implementing standard operating procedures have been central focuses for businesses and their consultants working on digital transformations. A broad spectrum of methodologies emerged as a result of these initiatives: Six Sigma, Agile and CMMI, just to name a few. These approaches might help you understand that you don't need 10 steps (just eight) and also influence team and skills designs — all good things. However, we're now adopting and leveraging new platforms to digitally render our business environments with the ability to wrap data and content intelligence around our workflows. Redesigning our ways of working has necessitated these new centre points.

But many value opportunities related to workflow redesigns are less obvious. Sometimes, workers go off the beaten path of standard operating procedures. Human-machine interactions are stronger and more commonplace than ever. And the business world is an increasingly dynamic place.

As a result, information technology has already moved toward workflow-oriented solution designs from a relatively short stay with service-oriented architectures (SOA). This shift calls for a better approach, and this is where process mining and workflow visualization could help.

Read the full article at Forbes here.

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