Virtuoso is a Claims Management Platform that Delivers Higher Quality, Shorter Claims Life-cycle, Lower Costs & Increased Customer Satisfaction.

Proven Benefits of Virtuoso

For Insurers and Loss Adjusters

Our Award Winning Virtuoso™ platform is a comprehensive mobile enabled claims management and data analytics solution for Insurance and Loss Adjusters.

Virtuoso streamlines and orchestrates your entire claims management process by automating tasks, enforcing policies and connecting your stakeholders with the right information at every step.

Providing a single platform for the end-to-end management of claims, Virtuoso delivers transparency, efficiency and control across the entire claim lifecycle.  With system silos and functional gaps removed, Virtuoso ensures that every stage in the claim lifecycle is supported, connected and streamlined.

Streamlined, automated processes

replace labour intensive activities, getting tasks to teams with the skills and capacity to minimise cost and maximise client satisfaction.

Automated Supply Chain Managements

where the right loss adjuster, repairer, forensic or legal professionals are selected based on skill level, performance and workload.

Mobile Assessment

using the fully integrated, mobile enabled loss adjuster functionality which allows the offsite capture of data, photographs and allows the mobile workforce to fully scope remediation requirements of a claim. Fully integrated with core claims and supply chain systems.

Automated Notifications

streamline communications with suppliers and messaging to policy holders to ensure customer engagement.

Data Driven Catastrophe Management

ensures that processing issues and delays are minimised and resolved quickly through reports, dashboards, with escalations and alerts providing real-time data to drive decision making.

Pricing Optimisation

Supplier portal provides full transparency of supplier costs. Reverse auction capabilities drive optimisation of costs.

Intuitive Workspace

connects each stakeholder with the right information for each step in the supplier management process.

Easy to use Supplier Dashboards

enable suppliers to view their performance against contracted KPIs, respond to issues and self-monitor.

Dynamic Report Portal

delivers detailed reporting and analytics without the need for manual compilation, providing valuable and relevant insights into performance, measured against KPIs.

Micro Service Architecture

enabled by a suite of independently deployable services, where each module delivers unique claims related functionality.

API Connectivity

Allows Loss Adjusters to provide insurers with portal-based reporting functionality across each individual insurer’s portfolio of claims.

Solution Capabilities

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