Virtuoso delivers supplier management and claims fulfilment on the one, unified platform.


Virtuoso delivers integrated, award winning case management and supplier management functionality.

Virtuoso provides perfect orchestration across all participants in the supplier network including insurers, repairers and loss adjusters to deliver a uniquely unified process.

Our unique functionality provides the tools to automate supply chain management, ensuring that the right loss adjuster, repairer, forensic or legal professionals are selected based on skill level, performance and workload.

The Supplier Portal provides full transparency of supplier costs while reverse auction functionality drives the optimisation of costs.

Virtuoso's Intuitive Workspace connects each stakeholder with the right information for each step in the supplier management process.


Our Award Winning Virtuoso™ platform is a comprehensive mobile enabled claims management and data analytics solution for Insurance and Loss Adjusters.

Virtuoso streamlines and orchestrates your entire claims management process by automating tasks, enforcing policies and connecting your stakeholders with the right information at every step.

Providing a single platform for the end-to-end management of claims, Virtuoso delivers transparency, efficiency and control across the entire claim lifecycle.


With system silos and functional gaps removed, Virtuoso ensures that every stage in the claim lifecycle is supported, connected and streamlined.

Virtuoso's unified environment enables the real-time capture of process performance data at each point in the claim lifecycle, providing you with the metrics required to continually refine processes, improve quality, reduce costs and improves customer service.

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